Project Management

  • Project Management Fundamentals

    Project Management Fundamentals

    Seminar Focus
    Learn how to use the effective planning, executing, controlling and closing processes
    Understand international best practices and the relevance of the PMBOK® to your business projects
    Determine how to gain support for projects each step of the way
    Develop robust plans that consider risk and resource constraints
    Learn how to successfully cope with projects irrespective of size and complexity
    Develop a personal action plan to apply your learning back at work

  • Effective Project Risk Management

    Effective Project Risk Management

    Seminar Focus
    Learn how to identify, quantify, prioritize and plan for risk with a systematic approach
    Find out how to distinguish between good luck & bad management and bad luck & bad management
    Discover better decision making to quantify alternatives and understand best, worst & most likely outcomes
    Develop more effective Risk Management plans and pro-actively monitor them as the project unfolds
    Get insights into key issues such as realistic assessments of contingency funds
    Analyze Contractual Risks and influencing the procurement process

  • Managing Multiple Projects

    Managing Multiple Projects

    Seminar Focus
    Learn how multiple projects can be effectively controlled, especially where change is ‘business as usual’
    Review the ‘show-stoppers’ which repeatedly impact upon the delivery of complex & multiple projects
    Analyze the strategic alignment of projects and issues around delivering trans-national projects
    Discover how Program Managers ensure a portfolio or program is managed at the correct level
    Explore what a ‘best practice’ organizational structure for the management of multiple projects looks like
    Develop a personal action plan to apply your learning back at work
    Familiarize yourself with Program Management Professional (PgMP) credential requirements & exam criteria

  • Project Portfolio Management

    Project Portfolio Management

    Seminar Focus
    Learn how to use project evaluation criteria and selection models to rank projects
    Apply the right metrics to track, control, and successfully manage the portfolio
    Learn how to use a scorecard for strategic alignment of projects in portfolios
    Discover practical project valuation using quantitative financial models
    Review major commercially available portfolio management software tools
    Develop a personal action plan to apply your learning back at work

  • Recovering Troubled Projects

    Recovering Troubled Projects

    Seminar Focus
    Perform objective assessments of project status with emphasis on early warning signs
    Identify success factors to avoid critical situations or failures
    Discover how to define and implement a recovery plan
    Effectively manage recovery actions and gain management buy-in during the recovery process
    Learn how to manage project stakeholder expectations
    Develop a detailed checklist for recovering your own projects

  • Managing Project Resources

    Managing Project Resources

    Seminar Focus
    Effective estimating techniques and practical ways for developing robust schedules
    Negotiating for key resources and working around organizational barriers
    Managing project performance and accurately reporting project status
    Scheduling to resolve resource conflicts in the planning phase
    Reviewing the tools used for defining project scope
    Building an effective and motivated project team

  • Leading & Motivating Project Teams

    Leading & Motivating Project Teams

    Seminar Focus
    Use Strength Deployment Inventory® to develop practical strategies that get to the heart of complex
    Assess the current current development level of your team using Strength Deployment Inventory®
    Diagnose and deal effectively with under performing project staff
    Learn how to keep motivation high and build high performing teams
    Negotiate inside and outside the team – learn 5 steps to negotiating success
    Develop a personal action plan to apply your learning back at work

  • Financial Management & Project Governance for Project Managers

    Financial Management & Project Governance for Project Managers

    Seminar Focus
    Projects and the bigger picture
    Financial Concepts
    Financial Analysis
    Management Accounting Techniques
    Asset Management
    Project & Program Governance
    Pricing/ Costs and the Contract
    Cost Estimating and Forecasting
    Applying it in practice

  • Setting‐up the Organizational Project Management Office (PMO)

    Setting‐up the Organizational Project Management Office (PMO)

    Seminar Focus
    Identify Project Management Office (PMO) capability based on an established competency continuum model
    Determine the appropriate PMO structure for your organization
    Determine what PMO functions are needed based on project management support requirements
    Recognize and overcome barriers related to PMO implementation
    Translate requirements for PMO functionality into distinct roles & responsibilities of PMO staff members
    Create preliminary PMO implementation plan

  • The Agile PMP

    The Agile PMP

    Seminar Focus

    What is Agile, who uses it, and what challenges does it resolve
    Agile Project Management with Scrum
    How do the Waterfall and Scrum life cycles compare
    Agile, Lean, Flexible, Waterfall, Scrum, DSDM and more
    Explore Lean-Agile to successfully deliver your projects
    Pragmatic hybrid approaches: Implementations from the real world
    Why you stand out as an Agile PMP®
    What competitive advantage does your organization gain
    Learn pragmatic Lean-Agile

  • Managing Projects on a Reduced Budget

    Maniging Projects on a Reduced Budget

    Seminar Focus
    Discover how to focus on project success
    Get a grip on project financial analysis
    Understand the project asset management
    Realize the importance of estimating
    Design and manage the optimum schedule
    Comprehend the customer and supplier contract management
    Manage how plan, minimize and mitigate the project risk
    Implement realistic contingency budgets
    Learn the processes and techniques for effective recovery of troubled projects

  • Effective Contracts Management for Project Managers

    Effective Contracts Management for Project Managers

    Seminar Focus
    Understanding and communicating legal aspects of contracts
    Creating an effective contracting strategy
    Selecting the right contract type and structure
    Adopting best practice in the bid/ evaluation process
    Creating value-adding contractual relationships with customers and suppliers/ contractors
    Writing effective statements of requirements
    Negotiating to get the best from contracts
    Establishing effective monitoring and control of contractual relationships

  • The Agile PMP

    Project Portfolio & PMO Management

    Seminar Focus

    Review best practice approaches to the selection, authorization, prioritization and governance of projects & programs within your portfolio
    Practice techniques with which every project/program manager & portfolio manager should be familiar
    Understand different types of a Portfolio, Program and Project Management Office (PMO)
    Learn how you can ensure that only the “best” projects are included in your portfolio of projects & programs
    Explore the services which a “strategically-aligned” PMO should offer
    Develop a “best fit” structure of a PMO for your organization
    Identify the key issues facing those responsible for implementing and running strategically-aligned PMOs in their organizations
    Familiarize yourself with the PMI’s new Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP) credential requirements

  • Making a Successful Transition from Engineer to Project Manager

    Making a Successful Transition from Engineer to Project Manager

    Seminar Focus
    Understand the difference between project management and engineering management
    Identify the challenges that projects managers face and how to overcome them
    Determine the skills-set needed to transition to project management
    Acquire the leadership skills required to manage projects and project teams
    Learn the steps in defining and managing projects
    Realize how to effectively communicate project results and status
    Pick up how to be proactive and reactive in managing project situations and conflict
    Comprehend how to identify what is required to successfully close your project
    Create your plan on how to transition from engineering to project management

  • Lean-Agile Finance & Risk Management

    Lean-Agile Finance & Risk Management

    Seminar Focus
    Identify the value of Agile and Lean Development
    Blend aspects of Agility into your traditional projects including estimation, planning, metrics, and budgetary reporting
    Acquire tools through case studies how Agile is being used and the importance of Agile within organizations
    Understand the importance of Agile for both business development and customer support development
    Find out how budget, risk and metrics are managed in an Agile environment
    Learn about managing organizational risk and organizational budget in an Agile environment
    Realize how Agile can deliver value both at Project, Program and Portfolio levels

  • Business Analysis for Project Managers

    Business Analysis for Project Managers

    Seminar Focus

    Understand the scope of a Business Analysis role and how it complement Project Management

    Apply numerous world-class Business Analysis techniques in work environment immediately

    Learn how to better communicate with all project stakeholders using best practice business analysis tools and techniques

    Appreciate the similarities and differences between Business Analyst and Project Manager roles

    Plan projects to include requirements analysis and understand requirements engineering

    Conduct and support requirements elicitation activities and requirements validation that will support the business need

    Look beyond the delivery of the project to pre- and post-project activities

    Familiarize with requirements for professional BA certification under PMI® and IIBA®


  • Benefits Realization Management

    Benefits Realization Management

    Seminar Focus

    Learn concepts of Benefits-led change & “Starting with the end in mind” methodology
    Understand responsibilities for Benefits Realization throughout the “Change Life Cycle Framework”
    Adopt techniques for valuing Project Investments
    Demonstrate how to provide an end-to-end context for Change to be established and maintained
    Integrate Benefits Realization into Project delivery
    Provide tools, techniques, tips & templates for measuring and delivering real Benefits


  • Effective Stakeholders Management for Project Managers

    Effective Stakeholders Management for Project Managers

    Seminar Focus

    Identify the tools and techniques that can be used to on-board team members
    Gain the ability to become a problem-solver and how to use these skills
    Understand that conflict is good in projects and that the role of the project manager is to manage it
    Recognize the principles behind what a project leader is and how to implement it
    Learn the skills to influence sponsors and team members alike in non-ideal situations
    Understand how to effectively communicate project results and status
    Absorb how to be proactive and reactive in managing project situations and conflict
    Apply influence strategies to gain commitment and foster collaboration
    Adjust dynamically your approach to others to gain buy-in
    Achieve goals by enhancing trust and cooperation
    Deal effectively with challenging behaviors to overcome resistance and inertia in others
    Use knowledge and competence to influence others