About Us

Our fundamental belief is that common sense, combined with intelligence and empathy lead to success. A CEO of a Fortune100 company once said: “All things being equal, people do business with people they like and trust. And all things not being equal... people still do business with people they like and trust.” And for us it is that simple, it is a guiding principle in how we conduct our business.

Adaptability and Flexibility in everything we do
Perhaps the best thing about working with us is that we understand that it is what we can do for you, the way YOU want it, that will lead to a successful business relationship. Having a vast experience both in multinational big corporate environment and boutique consultancy firms, our people blend a unique mixture of best business practices. The only thing we're rigid about is the quality of our services.

The Difference Factor
Important to realize is that KTC is not a conventional training company, rather a managed services firm. KTC does not employ any trainers, but cooperates on regular basis with internationally recognized experts, thought-leader independent consultants, people who set the industry standards. This way we have established a vast network of trainers, consultants and subject-matter experts that work with us, not for us.

So what's in it for you?
In a word, a LOT! In a few words, two main advantages are these: 1. Knowing the industry from both corporate and “training-firm” side of the table, we are extremly effective in negotiating your best training options and 2. If your corporate policy is obliging you to go through a tender procedure when buying training services, you can outsource that process to us with the desired outcome.


    KTC International specializes in organizing events focused on Digital Transformation, Use of Technology, Project Management and Human Resources.

    We work together with world-class speakers to develop customized content for our public conferences, forums and seminars, as well as in-house workshops.

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